Liz Murphy Open Hand Pantry


Our Open Hand Pantry is very busy.  We have changed our operating hours to help those that may be working but still in need of some assistance.  Our pantry is now open

Tuesday's from 4 - 7PM.  

The pantry is housed in the basement of the Unitarian Church at 16 Ashland Street.  Please contact us for more information or if you would like to volunteer. Food donations for the pantry are collected at all weekend Masses.


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Click here to read how our two parishes are working together with others to run the Food Pantry at the Unitarian Church at 16 Ashland Street.    1/16/14





Liz Murphy Open Hand Pantry
16 Ashland Street
Haverhill, MA 01830

We are always looking for donations to stock our shelves!  The following is a list of suggestions, please find the first letter of your last name and perhaps you can help provide that item! 

A          Hot cocoa
B          Instant Oatmeal
C          Body Wash
D          Ketchup
E          Mustard
F          Jelly/Jam
G          Pasta Salad
H          Peanut butter
I           Lemonade Mix
J           Mayo
K           Kool Aid Mix
L           Coffee
M           Boxed Cereal
N           Ice Tea Mix
O           Coffee
P            Spaghetti Sauces
Q           Lemon Aid Mix
R           Canned Beef Stew
S            Devil Ham/Tuna
T-U        Spam/Canned
V            Shampoo
W-X       Toothpaste/deodorant
Y            Soap
Z            Tea Bags



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