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Follow along here as Fr. Murray shares his adventure!    Photo Gallery
(Posted 6/10/15)  Arrival. 6-9-2015
I have arrived at Accra, the Capitol of Ghana. We flew in from NY in a large plane filled with people from here and others going to the Ivory Coast and Togo. The flight was quiet and because of the time difference we landed early this morning.
It was uneventful going to the airport, although it seemed everyone wanted to look in my bags. No one believed I was carrying soccer balls and shirts and all wanted to take a look. I finally met Fr. Sylvester and was welcomed and we got everything off to the car. We rode through typical Monday traffic, (it is the same the world over) and then we came into a small neighborhood off the George W. Bush expressway (not kidding!!) and landed at the Good Shepherd house. It is the central house for all the priests of Ghana and where the Bishops come for their national meetings. It is very simple and with screens on all the windows, safe.   The very first advice I got here was to use the bug spray liberally and take your malaria medicine faithfully. Check. Before we go out for the afternoon my room will be sprayed to kill off whatever unwanted flying guests may have snuck in when the doors open.
The weather is very warm ~75 and humid. It is the rainy season, so the Ghanians, it is a little cool. Fr. Sylvester has assured me that it is drier in the north where we are going. There are palm trees everywhere, and people selling coconuts and every other fruit and vegetable available.
We also went to the beach to see the ocean and realize that it is just 2500 miles away from the shore at Hampton. Tomorrow we start up the middle of the country toward a city called Tamale, which is the nearest large city near where Father Sylvester has his project. I will try to send picture for the website.
Peace,  Father Murray.  

(Posted 6/11/15) Continue reading about Fr. Murray's adventure click here for  Day two.

(Posted 6/12/15)  It arrived a little late but here is Father's daily post, please click here for Day three.
             (This post mentions pictures, but, no pictures have arrived yet, will post upon arrival!)

(Posted 6/15/15)   Water!  Day four

(Posted 6/16/15)  Sunday Mass Day five

(Posted 6/19/15) Fr. Murray is home, safe and sound, here is his final post from Ghana last days

The pictures are here!  Click here to follow Fr. Murray's picture tour of his trip!  Photo Gallery


Recently we have had many discussions with parents relative to their child's Godparent selection.  In this YouTube video, our friend, Bishop Christopher Coyne gives a clear explanation of who can be a Godparent.

Joyce Grieco (left) was honored at the May 21st, 4th Annual Recognition Awards of the Haverhill Exchange Club. Joyce Grieco is a parishioner of St. John the Baptist Parish.

Kathy & Eric Darby (center and right) were honored with the Book of Golden Deeds Award. Kathy and Eric Darby are parishioners of St. James Parish.


Catholics across the Archdiocese have been invited to pledge their support to the ministries of the Catholic Appeal. Your generosity helps us live our faith together as we seek to better embody the Gospel message in our lives. It is critical to the success of the 2015 Catholic Appeal at St. James and St. John the Baptist Parishes. If you were unable to make your pledge at Mass, you may take a pledge form from the back of the church or pledge online at www.bostoncatholicappeal.org . Thank you for your prayers and support for a successful Catholic Appeal.


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Our Open Hand Pantry is very busy.  We have changed our operating hours to help those that may be working but still in need of some assistance.  Our pantry is now open Tuesday's from 2 - 7PM.  The pantry is housed in the basement of the Unitarian Church at 16 Ashland Street.  Please contact us for more information or if you would like to volunteer.  
Food donations for the pantry are collected at all weekend Masses .

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Click here to read how our two parishes are working together with others to run the Food Pantry at the Unitarian Church at 16 Ashland Street.    1/16/14

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